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English Español HAM pioneers LNG refuelling in Switzerland

The company is the first to provide public LNG refuelling infraestructure in the country.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

HAM Group, through its subsidiaries HAM Criogénica and Vakuum, has been responsible for designing, building and start-up of two mobile Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) units at Lidl's premises in Switzerland.

Lidl Switzerland, together with its transport partners KMT, Krummen Kerzers AG and Thurtrans AG, are aiming to deliver sustainable logistics to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the transport of goods. The equipment supplied has a capacity of 40 m3 and “saturation on the fly” technology, which allows the supply of liquefied natural gas to the different brands of trucks on the market.

Georg Kröll, CEO of Lidl Switzerland, said the opening of the LNG stations is an important step towards the sustainability of the company, which will be able to supply its stores without using fossil fuels by 2030.

One of the facilities was built on the grounds of the Lidl goods distribution center on the Dunantstrasse in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau. In order to ensure the supply of liquefied natural gas on the important Swiss east/west axis, another LNG filling station has gone into operation in Sévaz.

“Together, we are pioneering the establishment of alternative propulsion systems and paving the way for a more sustainable future. We operate these and other future gas stations that are being built as part of the “Goodbye Diesel – Hello LNG” project”, Krummen Kerzers said in a related press release.

In April this year, the “Goodbye Diesel – Hello LNG” project earned Lidl Switzerland and Krummen Kerzers the HANSE GLOBE 2019 award. The food discounter and its transport partner collaborated to introduce 20 LNG-powered Volvo trucks and refueling facilities. “Our project stands for pioneering spirit in the field of sustainability. We want to show that sustainable logistics and profitability are not mutually exclusive”, emphasised Alessandro Wolf, COO of Lidl Switzerland.

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