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English Español Vivo Energy launches road safety awareness campaign in Morocco

The campaign wants to mobilize Internet users to sign a "digital pact" to respect highway rules.

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Vivo Energy Maroc is running a road safety awareness campaign called #CodeWahed using social media.

This operation gained more traction due to the support of the CNPAC, a TV broadcaster. CodeWahed's objective is in line with that of the public authorities to have a 50% reduction on the number of accidents by 2026.

"The idea of #CodeWahed started from the observation that there are unfortunately almost as many road codes as there are users in Morocco. Our message is simple, one and only one highway code must be respected for the safety of all! The originality of our approach lies in actively raising public awareness by encouraging them to take concrete action through the hashtag #CodeWahed relay," said Hind Mejjati-Alami, Communications Director of Vivo Energy Morocco.

More than twenty influencers and thousands of Internet users support and share the call to action. The initiative reached nearly 10 million Internet users on the web in a few weeks.

With a network of 330 service stations, all Shell-branded, Vivo Energy is one of the leading fuel retailers in the Morocco.

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