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English Español Argentina: YPF will sell CNG at its gas stations

The high production of Vaca Muerta's field has driven the oil company to enter the Argentinian natural gas market.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

The high production of natural gas from Vaca Muerta's field has prompted YPF Argentina to offer natural-based fuel in its network of gas stations. The company has stated that this offer will be made under more advantageous commercial conditions than the existing ones, according to

YPF Argentina hopes that this new initiative will balance the supply and demand of natural gas, given that the seasonality of the fuel produces a surplus in summer and scarcity in winter. A retailer who participated in a meeting with YPF Argentina executives assured that "there is already a plan in place and they will soon come out to offer it".

Most refueling pumps, however, do not currently have the adequate design to supply CNG and LNG. It is expected that new installations at YPF Argentina refueling stations will enable dispensers to supply natural gas.

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