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English Español Croatian’s Rox opens gas station in Bosnia & Herzegovina

With 13 employees, the site features a car wash, cafe, wine shop and casino, according to the town hall.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Pabl

The Bosnian arm of Croatia's Rox opened a gas station in Samac, 150 km northeast of Banja Luka, the Samac town council announced in a press release. The filling station is worth 2.5 million marka ($1.4 million/1.3 million euro).

"This company sends a message that Samac is open for serious investments and that this municipality is open for future investors," said Samac mayor, Djordje Milicevic.
Rox filling stations in Bosnia offer brands of Croatian oil and gas company INA, such as Eurodiesel and Eurosuper 95, as well as Eurodiesel Class Plus and Eurosuper 95 Class Plus. Rox also sells INA's natural gas.

Present in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia and Kosovo, Rox is a producer and distributor of more than 5,000 products such as auto cosmetics, car accessories, bicycles, toys, electronics, tools, household, and personal care items. The company also offers logistics services in Croatia and Slovenia.

Samac is a town in Republika Srpska (the Serb Republic), one of two autonomous entities forming Bosnia and Herzegovina. The other one is the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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