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The CGH Group has been engineering a brand new petrol station concept: “COMPACT STATION”.

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Construction of a traditional petrol station is often a lengthy procedure. More often than not, construction delays are part of the process causing a lot of frustration.

For this exact reason, the CGH Group invented a “COMPACT STATION” together with one of the world’s leading MOCs that was tired of losing additional time and money during the construction phase, after they had finally gotten the required building permits.

COMPACT STATIONS are different from traditional petrol stations:

  • FUEL PIPING foreseen in prefabricated trough that is welded onto the tank
  • MANIFOLD built-in for future maximal fuel distribution flexibility
  • STEEL STRUCTURE foreseen around the petrol tank to accommodate a customized canopy
  • FILL BOX foreseen in prefabricated trough

⇨ Building errors and construction delays are reduced to a minimum with this compact station concept.

Moreover, they dramatically speed up the time to erect a new petrol station. This is especially the case in remote areas and along country roads.

Please don’t wait to contact us if you would be interested to learn more as our current production capacity is limited with only a few production slots remaining. Customers will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis with the utmost attention.

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