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Let the sunshine in: SGB invests in renewable energy

Following a hybrid company car, a paperless office and improved lighting of the workspaces, the investment in a photovoltaic system is another step towards a modern, eco-friendly company.

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Siegen. 112 ultramodern photovoltaic panels, roughly 1000 m of solar cables, 2 inverters. Additionally: 3 days of assembly work at a dizzy height and 2 more within the building for the internal wiring and commissioning of the new low-voltage main supply. The result: SGB now produces its own power – eco-friendly and cost-efficient via a solar plant.

The new PV plant was put in operation just in time for the sunny days of the summer of 2019. For this purpose, more than 100 photovoltaic panels were installed on the flat roof of SGB – 11° panel incline, mounted in east-west orientation. These now supply the two inverters of the low-voltage main supply via more than 1000 m of solar cables. And even after just four weeks, the results are impressive: 3657 KWh were produced in July 2019. Out of those SGB used up 2505 for the company, so that 1152 could be sold. The goal for the annual mean is to reduce the energy costs by 60 to 70 % and to save 13 to 15 t CO2 at the same time.

The investment in a photovoltaic system is not the first step SGB has taken towards its commitment to a sensible and sustainable use of our resources.

The first step was taken some years ago, when a new company car for daily errands was needed. Here a hybrid car was the best choice, which has been in daily use ever since.

Through the resource friendly handling of office supplies (keyword “paperless” office), the conscious use of local suppliers in procurement, the train as the preferred method of transportation for business trips and the exchange of 80 recessed louvre lamps to energy-saving LEDs in the office, additional energy-saving measures were taken to further develop the overall objective of full sustainability.

SGB Sustainability Concept:

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