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Klear!Rim – New rim cleaner complements Kärcher cleaning agent line

All-round success: Kärcher developed a new highly concentrated cleaning agent for the effective cleaning of car rims. VehiclePro Klear!Rim RM 896 enhances the premium range of cleaning agents Klear!Line for the vehicle wash. The fast acting agent cleans rims and is gentle on the material. It is suitable for use both in vehicle wash systems and for the high-pressure wash at self-service stations. It can also be used in spray units such as in vehicle workshops.

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The cleaning solution thoroughly removes stubborn rim contamination such as road dust, burnt-in brake dust, tyre wear and winter salt deposits and at the same time is gentle on all coated alloy and steel rims. Concrete floors and wheel recesses in vehicle wash systems are not damaged.

The cleaning agent begins to work in small quantities. A short reaction time of one to three minutes – depending on the degree of contamination – is therefore sufficient to dissolve even stubborn residues. The dirt is then rinsed off with clean water. Reworking is no longer required.

Like the other products in the range, the biodegradable rim cleaner can be used with all water treatment systems.

Klear!Rim – New rim cleaner complements Kärcher cleaning agent line
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Kärcher VehiclePro Klear!Line

Under the designation "Klear!Line" Kärcher developed a new range of highly concentrated cleaning agents for the vehicle wash in 2018. The range includes different products for the various steps pre-cleaning (Klear!Prewash), foam wash (Klear!Foam), shampooing (Klear!Brush), wax application (Klear!Glow) and drying (Klear!Dry). Kärcher offers all necessary formulas from a single source. The agents offer economic advantages thanks to economical consumption and the option of fast cleaning with very good washing and drying results.

Clear colour coding facilitates the correct assignment of the agent by the operating personnel and reduces possible errors: The colours of the liquids correspond to the colour coding on the respective labels of the container. The dosing pumps are also marked with these colours so that it is easy and quick to change the cleaning agent without any mix-up.

The concentrates of the Klear!Line are supplied in plastic containers, either with 10 or 20 litres. There are also agents in 200 l containers for the pre-wash and main wash.

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