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English Español Mexico: Pemex loses 27% of gas station network

The company has lost a significant part of its market share since the launching of new brands in Mexico since 2016.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

The Secretariat of Energy (Sener) reported in April this year that in Mexico there were some 12,500 active service stations. On June 30, Pemex reported having 9,161 gas stations, representing 73.3% of the total Mexican market.

Before the reform state-owned Pemex held the monopoly of the Mexican market with 11,379 service stations. Since retailers like Hidrosina and La Gas broke into Mexico's service station market in June 2016, 2,217 refueling points have ended their relationship with Pemex and at the same time 1,118 have emerged under new brands over the past three years. In total, there are 3,336 service stations that do not operate under the Pemex brand in Mexico today.

According to the President of Onexpo Nacional, Roberto Diaz de Leon, in Mexico now coexist more than 72 private oil operators. Pemex's main competitors include Oxxo Gas, with 541 service stations and a market share of 4.3%, the British BP, with 450 service stations and 3.6% market share, and finally G500, with 285 gas stations and a share of 2.6%.

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