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LPG-FLEX Pipes® by CGH Group

Flexible pipes to transport LPG under pressure? Increasing safety while lowering costs? Learn more about LPG-FLEX Pipes®:

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For over a decade now, the CGH Group has been successfully promoting this very unique LPG-FLEX® pipe.

This is not just another ordinary PE (polyethylene) pipe. The LPG-FLEX pipe® is an advanced flexible multi-layered Reinforced Thermoplastic (RTP) Pipe. 

This flexible RTP pipe has been designed for liquid phase applications, such as transporting Autogas or a mixture of butane, propane, pentane, dimethyl ether at service stations or at industrial and biogas installations.

The LPG-FLEX pipe® offers numerous advantages compared to steel pipes:

  • No corrosion
  • Installation time reduction by a factor of 10
  • Decreased overall cost of an LPG installation
  • Increased safety of the complete LPG installation
  • Low-cost couplings with only 1 coupling required on each side
  • No underground connections but one continuous run between tank and dispenser
LPG-FLEX Pipes® by CGH Group
© CGH Poland

The LPG-FLEX® pipe has a standard maximum pressure rating of 35 bar which mostly exceeds the minimum pressure rating for the applications it is used for.

This is not a new technology. CGH has equipped thousands of service stations with LPG-FLEX® pipes over the last decade and business continues to grow as LPG becomes more important worldwide as an alternative fuel.

Post-installation cost analyses have proven that, next to increasing the overall safety of an LPG installation, LPG-FLEX® pipes are the most cost effective choice when it comes to installing pipework to transport liquefied petroleum gas.

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