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English Español Petrotec Jet Wash solutions: speed, versatility and efficiency

The car wash paradigm has changed a lot in recent years, as truly fast and effective services are becoming increasingly more important for customers. The Jet Wash experience combined with a consistent quality has clearly distinguished the different service providers on the market.

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Thanks to its experience in developing car wash equipment, Petrotec positions itself with a differentiating perspective in this segment by offering a comprehensive range of Jet Wash solutions. Now also available in the Mexican market through Petroassist Mexico.

Petrotec's modular structures, tailored according to the needs of different operators, answer the several challenges we are currently facing, in terms of available space, desired capacity, or washing quality. Petrotec's Superjet and Multijet ranges - Superjet II, Superjet IV, Multijet Compact and Vacuum Cleaner offer a variety of programmes, from rinsing to finishing and drying. All this with a much smaller investment compared to other automatic washing solutions.

In the car wash business, attracting customers with washing quality is just as important as offering the operator an efficient management while keeping costs low. Therefore, whether by saving on energy costs, reducing maintenance needs, or ensuring that the equipment is compatible with the various chemicals available on the market, Petrotec's equipment meets all investor requirements.

Petroassist offers several options, such as the installation of multi-lane structures with different sizes, which combined form turn-key Jet Wash centres that minimise waiting times and optimise operating profitability. All the equipment have a coin acceptor that, in addition to enabling the self-service mode, also allow programming the washing time, and crossing the number of washes with the sales volume, thus giving assurance that the business is profitable.

But this is just one of the business areas where Petroassist wants to add value to the Mexican market. As a Petrotec Group company with decades of developing integrated solutions for the downstream and midstream areas of the oil & gas industry, Petroassist Mexico also operates in the distribution of Fuel Dispensers, Payment and Automation Systems, Storage Solutions, Equipment Installation and Maintenance.

For more information about Petroassist Mexico's products and services, please contact Raúl Silva, Country Manager Mexico.

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