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English Español Argentina: ANCAP will install 15 self-service stations in remote areas

The stations will operate automatically in order to reach areas where it was not profitable to open a petrol station due to a shortage of demand.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

The company ANCAP has presented a replica of the automatic "station of proximity " that it hopes to inaugurate at the end of this week in the Argentine department of Salto, Termas del Arapey, informs This first pilot station has had a cost of 120,000 dollars and will be operated by DUCA, according to ANCAP.

ANCAP hopes to set up fifteen gas stations of this type, coinciding with the number of localities where people must travel up to 40 km to refuel "or resort to informal points of sale that are unsafe and in most cases exceed the retail price."

This gas station will provide service in those areas of low consumption and low profitability "which so far have not been able to be served with traditional stations, as volumes are very small," according to the President of ANCAP, Marta Jara, in statements to

After completing the pilot phase, the great implementation of this type of service stations will take place in 2020, according to Jara.

ANCAP's automatic service stations will offer the possibility of paying for fuel through credit and debit cards using a contacless payment system. Just by bringing the mobile device closer to a reader, the amount refuelled will be automatically deducted from the customer's account.

Jara said that the service stations will have on-site personal attention and a 24-hour telephone interconnection service with DUCSA to provide on-site assistance to customers.

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