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English Español Mexico's cartels tell retailers to stop selling fuel to the army

The Federal Prosecutor for Consumer Protection (Profeco) closed down nine petrol station in Nuevo Laredo which refused to serve national military forces.

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Nine petrol stations in the state of Tamaulipas have been shut down by Mexican authorities accused of letting criminals threaten them, refusing to sell fuel to the army and police.

During an investigation twelve sites were checked in Nuevo Laredo, three were already closed and the other nine were forced to shut down due to “discrimination in the sale of fuel,” according to Profeco.

After the initial panic pushed consumers to queue up at open petrol stations, Profeco announced that no more sites would face closure and no fuel shortages were expected. Fifty-four of the city’s 66 stations continued operating with normality.

The threats by a group of criminals that operate in the northeast of the country were made at the start of the month, reports La Vanguardia.

Nuevo Laredo is a Mexican border city that has recently suffered from armed conflicts between the cartels and the army.

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