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Re-branding of fuel stations: from OiLibya to OLA Energy

The OiLibya retail visual identity project.

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Operating across 18 countries, OiLibya is a Pan-African Group operating in the oil and energy industry. Having a network of over 1,100 service stations, the supply and marketing of fuels and lubes has been carried out under the OiLibya Brand, making it one of the major players in the sector, and the flagship of the Group.

The Retail Visual Identity (RVI) of the Brand is currently undergoing a massive upgrade, converting it into OLA Energy, a modern fuel retailer with a new age, contemporary vibe – making it far more competitive and in line with current market trends.

The project to implement the new Brand that is OLA Energy, through its RVI and service stations, was awarded to Joseph Advertisers in May 2018.

As part of the preliminary stages of the re-branding process it was agreed in September 2017 to build a prototype of the proposed design. This included the complete developmental process – from engineering, design, manufacturing, to installation of an architype.

The in-factory prototype that was constructed was a full-size model of what the re-branded service stations were envisioned to look like.

The new name, brand identity, colours and RVI on all 3D applications including service stations and shops was conceptualized by the Three D’s Limited, UK. According to industry best practices the engineering was undertaken at the Joseph Advertisers factory in Dubai, utilizing materials, colours and LEDs that were pre-approved by OLA Energy.

Even though the RVI was designed to be modern and modular in style, there were certain standard criteria that had to be maintained - a durable build resilient to harsh environments, controls that were easily accessible, and an easy to maintain product.

After successfully prototyping the design and submitting a commercial tender, Joseph Advertisers was awarded the primary contract to manufacture service stations for 23 pilot sites in 8 countries in Africa.

The quality, delivery and service provided during that roll-out cemented Joseph Advertisers to be appointed as the official partner for re-branding of 1,100 OLA Energy service stations across 17 countries in Africa.

As of today, a total of 280 service stations have been successfully delivered in the duration of 5 months.

Joseph Advertisers has vast experience in executing large scale, multi-faceted, branding and re-branding roll-outs for reputed fuel retailers. A detailed demonstration of its strength can be evidently visualised through roll-outs similar to the one being executed for OLA Energy.

You too can achieve a successful RVI re-branding. Check out the Company on its digital platforms or visit

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