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Mexico is a vibrant and young economy, packed with challenges

An article on the Mexican market by Carlos Oliveira, Sales Director, Iberica and South America, Bever Innovations.

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Carlos Oliveira
Carlos Oliveira | © Bever Innovations

Bever Innovations started approaching the market in Mexico back in mid-2015 and we had our first significant contract in early 2016. Since that time, we have developed numerous relationships with several major clients, especially on the price sign business. Lighting is a tougher challenge, but even still this is also developing steadily, particularly on the accent lighting products. We have a local partner with offices across several states that are fully certified as Bever Innovations  representatives, but we also have trained several other local companies around the country to provide maintenance services, to assure the final client requirements.

Mexico has been a very interesting challenge from the start, because the market creates a very dynamic situation between the client’s demands and their adaptation to the market challenges, combined with a huge increase in the supplier base. If we add this baseline to the overall picture, with the particularities of such a large geographical market, we have to recognise that the challenges are tremendously demanding. But this is tempered by the creativity and energy of the local market which is compelling and has assured very positive expectations about future growth.  Bever’s constant focus on client’s needs and local requirements keeps us in touch with the market and we like to think, a few steps ahead of the competition.

Working with local organisations has established Bever Innovations as a trusted supplier

It is crucial to work with the local players, both on the commercial side and on the services aspects of the business, as the scale of works, number of service stations and geographical dispersion makes it compulsory to do so. Bever Innovations has had the advantage of working with some of the best and some of the most professional organisations since day one. 

If we consider that our products are “on” 24 hours a day and cannot “not work”, our partners and all the other maintenance providers we have trained, have proven to be crucial in establishing Bever Innovations as a trusted supplier.

It has actually been a privilege to become involved with the new local retailers which have been responsible for large number of new developments over the last few years. Coming from a massively recognised single image across the country and then trying to develop new brand identities has allowed for an “explosion” of creativity that is still happening. Having worked previously on design management in Mobil and then BP for many years and being able to actively participate in these kinds of developments is extremely exciting and very rewarding. The added bonus is that the majority of these new brand solutions are quite stunning and very well adapted to the colourful approach of Mexican life.

Experience and reputation speaks volumes for suppliers targeting the Mexican market

The global experience gained by Bever Innovations over many years working with the major oil companies, has created an internal culture which allows the commercial and technical aspects of clients in the Mexican sector to be met without a major hurdle. And the history and reputation of our solutions, recognised in the market as being very robust and proven, also allows us a more professional approach with the potential clients and cuts short the need to longer periods of trust growth.  Speaking the local language and having previous professional experience in the country has also helped us, especially in the early days, but I have to say that quick response times from our design, technical and production teams, adapting swiftly to the local specific and sophisticated requirements, have proved to be our biggest asset when servicing client enquiries.

Currently we have more than 600 service stations in Mexico equipped with Bever price signs and 400 of these were produced and delivered to the client’s satisfaction in only two months. All our products are manufactured in the Netherlands, which means we have to transport them economically to Mexico in a delicate and extremely balanced exercise.

The future is exciting. The sheer size and adjustment from the previous market model has just started and for suppliers I believe that are still plenty of developments to pursue.  The local vitality and energy of the market still has a long way to be completed. Mexico is a vibrant and young economy, packed with challenges and it is full of opportunities, not only to do business, but to do really interesting business and that is always a great combination.

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