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English Español Elaflex: Implementation of vapor recovery in Mexico

Mexico has just begun to implement vapor recovery (VR) stage II at service stations. After two years of deliberations, negotiations and the drafting of regulations and implementation plans, the process has now started.

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The first to implement VR Stage II in Latin America was Chile by implementing the technology in the valley of the country’s capital, Santiago de Chile. They were followed by Uruguay with a partial implementation. Next came Mexico. Initially the plan was to have VR in Mexico City, but the plan was soon expanded to become a nationwide requirement. Brazil followed the footsteps of its Latin American neighbors by passing legislation that requires VR in stations starting September 1, 2019 and gradually phasing over the entire installed base of gasoline dispensers over a 10-year period. Other countries including Argentina and Colombia are in the process of drafting their own VR legislation.

Elaflex offers the most technologically advanced and highest quality Vapor Recovery nozzles, hoses and breakaways in the world. We have focused on product reliability, durability and performance. Features include high flow rates, light weight easy to use components, full traceability and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Reaching and maintaining this level of equipment performance excellence requires of constant research and development.

Specifically, for the Mexican market, Elaflex has not only presented its highly differentiated products, but we are making a concerted effort to establish and develop expert distribution channels, trained to support and repair our products. Further, we have spent considerable effort adapting our products to the local regulatory requirements and market characteristics. Following this process, we have worked hand-in-hand with dispenser manufacturers to certify our equipment as part of vapor recovery systems, achieving the highest levels of vapor recovery efficiency.

Elaflex: Implementation of vapor recovery in Mexico
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The process of certification is not unlike other certifications in different markets of the world. Basically, it requires that individual components carry some international certification, and then that all components assembled into a VR system reach specified vapor recovery efficiency parameters. Then, once certification is achieved, the dispensers equipped with VR will be subject to periodic inspections to verify their correct operation and efficiency.

Implementation of VR is always traumatic and resisted in every market where it is legislated. But in this market, it is starting to be of good knowledge to station operators that VR generates incremental revenue or margin to their business. Plus, awareness of the general public of issues like global warming and deteriorating air quality have made gasoline retailers embrace the 'green movement' and improve their corporate images by becoming good 'global citizens'.

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