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English Español ExxonMobil progresses with construction of a Baytown production unit

Producing about 350,000 tons of linear alpha olefin (LAO) per year with start-up due in 2022.

Last update:

ExxonMobil has announced that construction of its new full-range LAO production unit at the Baytown Chemical Plant in Baytown, Texas is underway. Strategically located on the U.S. Gulf Coast to take advantage of existing production, supply chain and logistics infrastructure, the unit will enable ExxonMobil to enter the LAO market with world-scale supply capability.

“We are excited to have already started engaging with new customers globally so that we can better understand their needs and support their business growth ambitions,” said Erik Lettink, VP Intermediates for ExxonMobil. “Our intention is to offer a reliable solution backed by our long tradition of renowned high standards and technical expertise.”

LAOs are made from natural gas and used in numerous applications, including: high-performing engine and industrial oils; surfactants; plastics and polymers for packaging; synthetic waxes; and, several other specialty chemicals.

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