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Point of Service: How a regional partner enables a world market leader in Mexico

No true world market leader can afford to miss Mexico, with the country being as challenging as promising for the fuel industry. Despite being a leader not only in sales, but even more so in technology and innovation for electronic price signs, German PWM is far from being a faceless corporation. A family business with 200 years of tradition, the company prides itself in delivering premium quality, top class service and fresh ideas for an ever changing market.

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There’s no “business as usual” in PWM’s approach, but a dedicated focus on customers. Understanding the needs of fuel stations and the petrol industry, but also the constant changes in this exciting market, is the core of product development, sales and service in the German headquarters.

Yet this is not enough. The PWM team thinks and acts globally, therefore PWM’s sales and engineering team is with their customers in their markets to understand the needs and tailor customized solutions. Throughout the world, PWM has replicated the partner network that is at the heart of the German business.

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Sign makers, Engineers, advertising and even architects belong to this network of high class professionals that advise fuel stations and realize the signage according to the actual needs. The feedback from this network also drives development back in the Bergneustadt headquarters. Over the last decade, PWM has introduced a new brand of LED displays – featuring better visibility, durability and cost efficiency. SMD-LEDs are waterproof, weather resistant, reliable under any conditions, may it be arctic temperatures or desert heat. They are easy to maintain, low on energy consumption and last not least pretty.

“The business card of your fuel station” is the official target definition coming from PWM’s CEO Dr. Max Krawinkel. This philosophy turns the price sign into a beacon for travellers passing by, showing the way to fuel, food and rest. This makes the fuel station an oasis for motorists and their passengers, refuelling much more than just the engine of their vehicle.

The PWM Retrofit concept makes this affordable even for customers who don’t want to invest in an all new display system. A simple exchange of old display units with modern SMD-LEDs is so fast that it doesn’t even interrupt the daily station business. With new technology comes new usability: Remote controlling the price displays straight from the POS or even remotely via cloud technology is no problem. A feedback channel is also available, making it possible to discover maintenance issues early and plan repairs quickly and efficient.

The experts in Bergneustadt are already thinking further into the future. The newly developed Full Colour displays show text, picture and video either as part of the price sign or standalone anywhere in the fuel station or on the roadside. And usability steadily moves to the cloud, to integrated internet systems that create flexibility and fast communication.

Imagen Maldonado brings PWM displays to Mexico

A complex and colourful market like Mexico needs a competent partner who knows the surrounding and the customers like nobody else. For PWM, Imagen Maldonado fits the bill. The experts in fuel station equipment and outfits connect PWM ideas and products to Mexican customers and also deliver services, maintenance and of course the setup of displays.

From planning to installation fuel stations can leave everything in the hands of the Maldonado team and their PWM counterparts in Europe. The partners work closely together, including detailed seminars and workshops and constant feedback to adjust PWM products better to the needs of the Mexican market.

To the day Maldonado has installed thousands of price signs across the country, with state-owned Pemex, but also many other brands. 24 hour service hotline and logistics are part of the complete package. PWM displays easily connect to all Mexican POS systems and are NOM certified.

People interested to join this conversation or learn more about the possibilities of electronic price signs, Maldonado is the right contact:

Distribuidor Autorizado PWM
01 800 841 9581 | 4205 1349

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