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Live updates from the NACS PEI Show in Atlanta, October 1-4

Read our LIVE FEED from the NACS Show 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center. During the three days of the show we will be posting updates with information on the event, comments from exhibitors and much more.

Last update:

IT’S A WRAP! The 2019 NACS Show and PEI Convention has come to an end.

Some 22,000 industry professionals attend the largest event for convenience and fuels in America. Over 100 sessions kept suppliers, retailers and distributors informed on regulation changes, national and international trends and operational improvement.

Some of the key topics were EMV-ready solutions, the application of new technologies such as AI and machine learning, real-time analytics and CBD. Most retailers agreed that right now the biggest challenge is finding the right labour for their stores and sites. Daymond John, multiple New York Times bestselling author, was in charge of giving the closing session this morning.

PetrolPlaza will be bringing its full coverage of the show soon.

11:12, 4 October

"The 2019 NACS Show we had fantastic global coverage. Retailers and suppliers alike are going to leave with tons of insights and be inspired to be able to turn all of those insights into actionable practises for their businesses." // Alina Henry, Marketing Manager, NACS

10:25, 4 October

"This year's NACS Show was a good exposure to more or broader markets around the world: we saw a lot more people from Middle East and South America. So looking at what our products do for the intergration to the carwash and backoffice management really was a good exposure for them because they'd never been able to find those technologies and tools for their market." // Rob Deal, Managing Director, PSD Codax & Vice President, International, ICS

17:50, 3 October

That's a wrap for the second day of the NACS Show & PEI Convention! The feeling among the industry is of excitement at the current state of the market. One of the highlights of the show so far has been the CDB pavilion. Some 50 companies showcasing their CBD-related products as the sector continues to grow. More to come tomorrow.

16:40, 3 October

"What makes for a great NACS Show are the people that attend. The retailers, the suppliers, the exhibitors, everyone who is here. So if you ask me what makes for a good NACS Show, it's not if I had a good NACS Show or not, it's if you who attended the NACS Show has had a good NACS Show." // Michael Davis, Vice President Member Services, NACS

15:20, 3 October

"We at PWM are happy to be here in Atlanta. We have a very good show and happy about the traffic in our area. PWM offers some new products like the advertisement board. So welcome here! Estan todos bienvenidos – gusto verles!" // Susanne Hammerschmidt, Export Director, PWM

Find out what else PWM can do for your business in their recent article.

14:50, 3 October

"NACS has been a great show for us, especially in Atlanta. We find that the people here are really interested in technology and the services of the industry. Particularly, in relation to the new EPA regulations we are up to 5,030 walk-through inspections per month, and we are very excited about that and some of the additional services that we've been able to offer in that time when our inspectors are on site, such as fuel samples. We are definitely growing our fuel polity division." // Megan Stewart, International Manager, Tanknology Inc.

13:10, 3 October

13:00, 3 October

CBD (industrial hemp and cannabidiol products) has become a huge industry in the U.S. over the last two years. It now has its own pavilion at the NACS Show.

12:50, 3 October

"Life is better with the right partner. Any when you pick the right partner, it's not just for one thing, but you also understand that that partner can't do everything. So we obviously have appropriate partners and certifications to ensure that we are giving our customers the best that we can, and even better." // Amber Giannone, Director of Marketing, Petrosoft

12:24, 3 October

"We are excited here at the 2019 NACS Show. As part of OPW Vehicle Wash Solutions we have the Belanger product line as well as the PDQ product line. We look forward to another great year of international sales." // Rob Lewis, International Sales Manager, PDQ Inc.

11:50, 3 October

"I've been coming to PEI for 33 consecutive years, and this year like never before the prevalent theme, the new theme, seems to be alternative fuels. The organisations across our industry are focused on figuring out what will happen in different market segments in different parts of the world. I have the privelege of being one of the presenters speaking about the different options for alternative fuels. As we walk through the show, most suppliers are showing product-related advances and introducing new ideas of mobility in the years to come." // Frank De Poli, Regional Director Latin America, Elaflex, holding a presentation in the Latin American Sessions.

Also read here the article about the implementation of vapor recovery in Mexico written by Elaflex Argentina for the PetrolPlaza Mexico Special.

11:19, 3 October

"You should be scanning your competitors' websites to see what services they offer. Try and be better." – Ian Heller speaks about the Future of Distribution at the PEI Conference.

11:03, 3 October

"We've been coming to the NACS Show for decades at this point, and the show just keeps getting better and better. Yesterday was a great day for us, and we're looking forward to an even better day today. Really one of the major things that we are pushing this year at PDI is how we're bringing all of our solutions together, from ERP to fuel pricing, to logistics, to marketing cloud solutions, and making that one integrated solution for our customers to thrive in a digital economy." // Cederick Johnson, Director, Industry Marketing & Communications, PDI

16:41, 2 October

Belanger is showcasing its new Q wash – a product that works for fans of both touchless and friction wash.

16:10, 2 October

Henry Armour, President and CEO of NACS, welcomes guests to the International Hub.

15:09, 2 October

Bennett Pump at the NACS PEI Show 2019 – together with Matias De Poli, PetrolPlaza's Key Account Manager Americas.

13:56, 2 October

Ipiranga's team representatives come to the NACS Show every year to see the latest products.

12:59, 2 October

Titan brings robotics to Atlanta!

12:49, 2 October

"We have expanded into Europe with our cleaning services with a new facility and head office." // Mike G Zahajko, Executive Vice President, Sales at CAF

12:42, 2 October

The 2019 NACS Show is underway! Stay with us for more updates and stories.

17:00, 1 October

PetrolPlaza will return to Atlanta to provide full coverage of the 2019 NACS Show and PEI Convention. Here you will find a live feed with comments and information on the event. Every year, the NACS Show and PEI Convention bring together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning, buying and selling, networking. The event attracts more than 23,500 industry stakeholders from around the world.

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