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End-to-end solution for the handling and authorization of transactions

The number of transactions ICASA is managing on a daily basis is growing fast. Are you looking for a total solution for the handling and authorization of your transactions?

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The ICASA Authorization offers a complete, secure and fully integrated end-to-end solution for handling and authorizing transactions. It covers online (real time) capturing, authorization, management and the processing of transactions and cards.

All transactions are routed via secure Host2Host or Pos2Host connections to our authorization host. ICASA Authorization can be used in a stand-alone setup as well as with a real time connection to the ICASA Energy Suite or with any customer ERP system.

A remarkable benefit is that both card issuers and card holders always work with the most recent data and have an up-to-date overview of the fuel cards.

The ICASA Authorization allows different authorization rules. Restrictions can be set on transaction numbers and amounts (per day, week, month), products (fuel, shop), geolocations, customer level (across all cards),…

Solution to handle & authorize transactions:


  • online capturing, authorization, management and processing of transactions and cards
  • via secure Host2Host or Pos2Host connection transactions are routed to our authorization host
  • possibility of switching
  • authorization host checks validity of transaction details with the card issuer
  • real time connection with ICASA Energy Suite
  • online pin check
  • multiple authorization rules can be enabled. Restrictions on:
    • credit limits (day, week, month)
    • amount per refill
    • number of transactions (day, week, month)
    • authorized products (fuel and/or shop or various (sub)categories)
    • geolocations (permit card usage on certain stations of the network)
    • customer level credit limit (across all cards)
    • ...

Online handling

  • ICASA Authorization allows full end-to-end management of cards from creation, over handling and authorization up to invoicing and controlling
  • cards are linked with relevant customer details (invoicing, credit limits, ...)
  • up-to-date status of card with history of usage
  • multiple options and limitations can be configured (credit limits, products, geolocations...)

Online processing

  • Automatic processing
    • clearing of transactions
    • delivery of files with transactions of refills; either to be invoiced within the ICASA Energy Suite or by another ERP system
    • direct debit of invoices and feeding of invoice payment info into accounting system
    • intake of invoices and the associated payments for refills paid in cash
  • Management & operational reporting


  • transaction of fuel cards (proprietary cards, cards of other companies, credit cards, cash)
  • delivery of files with transactions of refills; either to be invoiced within the ICASA Energy Suite or by another ERP system
  • paid invoice generation (credit card and cash transactions)
  • refund of product value to stations of third parties
  • calculation and payment of commissions to station manager

Customer self-service portal

  • online management of fleet fuel cards
    • manage cards (order cards, create new users, change card details, ...)
    • consult and download transactions
    • consult and download invoices
    • activate and manage (email) alerts
    • manage customers
    • manage users
    • create reports based on specific criteria
  • extensive configuration options
  • ...


If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you and explaining how our solutions function and how our software can be of added value.

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