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English Español PitPoint has opened its first LNG refuelling station in Belgium

A concrete step towards an international covering network of LNG refuelling stations.

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Together with Total, PitPoint has opened its first LNG refuelling station for trucks in Belgium. The station is located in Rekkem, near the French border. Together with the previously opened PitPoint LNG stations at logistical hubs in the Netherlands, this location represents a concrete step towards the having an international covering LNG network in north-west Europe.

“We are eager to do our part to make transport more environmentally friendly. That’s why we’ve chosen to use the alternative fuel LNG. Our LNG trucks are now on the road 24/7. That’s why we’re extremely pleased with PitPoint’s new LNG station, which is situated precisely along our route,” said Dieter Vanoverberghe, business manager at DVM Trans.

The new station will operate 24/7 and is equipped with two LNG pumps and three staging areas for trucks that run on LNG. The Total station adjoining already features a restaurant and parking facility.

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