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Intelligent filling station management via SmartPhone by Hectronic

Considering the hard market situations for petrol stations, petrol station owners will be up to date about the situation at their stations. To make modern petrol station management easier, Hectronic has now come up with its new PetroLine Service App for petrol station owners.

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Hectronic PetroLine Service App
Hectronic PetroLine Service App

The innovative app promises to receive all relevant data from several petrol stations easily via smartphone at any time and from anywhere. This sounds very practically and will help petrol station owners not only to react to price changes, but also to have a continuous overview on the inventory, sales and operating status.

The use of the PetroLine Service App is very easy. The user-friendly and clearly structured menu navigation guides the user very intuitively and fast to the required information. No tedious typing in different parameters, no scrolling.

„With the PetroLine Service App you can achieve all relevant information about your petrol station in real time – just a smart solution for modern petrol station management.“
Frank Gampp, Hectronic GmbH, Business Unit Manager Refuelling

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