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English Español LIQAL and Drive Systems build brand new natural gas fuelling station

LNG fuelling technology company LIQAL has partnered with Drive Systems to build a turnkey fuelling station for LNG and LCNG in Londerzeel, Belgium.

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Liquefied natural gas technology innovator LIQAL and station operator Drive Systems announce their plans to build a third stand-alone fuelling station in Belgium. Their continued commitment to expanding the LNG distribution network supports the need for accelerated decarbonisation in the transport sector and responds to society’s demand for greener solutions.

The increase in the number of LNG stations across Europe shows LNG as a reliable and effective fuel choice for the transportation industry. LNG and liquid to compressed natural gas (LCNG) provide an alternative to fossil fuels for heavy truck transportation.

Drive Systems will operate the fuelling station. Maes Energy & Mobility is responsible for building and operating the filling station for the traditional fuels.  It has a storage capacity of 80,000 litres.

“As frontrunners in LNG technology development, LIQAL delivers high performance refuelling stations for LNG and LCNG, with low total cost of ownership,” says Joost Jansen, business development manager at LIQAL.

A fourth site will be built on the van den Broek premises and the site is planned to be operational by April 2020.

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