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Franke Coffee Systems Americas showcases automated coffee equipment at 2019 NACS Show

Franke Coffee Systems leading technology delivers customized best-in-class in-cup quality for c-store operators looking to elevate their coffee program.

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Displayed at this year’s National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show in Atlanta from 2-4, was the A1000 fully automated espresso-based coffee equipment and A800 Fresh Brew bean-to-cup solution. This innovative equipment allows customers to enjoy a variety of drinks at the touch of a button due to its state of the art user interface.

“With fifty percent of the highest rated chains for quality coffee being c-stores, we find it incredibly important to provide our c-store customers with a coffee solution that will not only generate high-quality beverages on demand and keep customers coming back for more,” says Corrie Byron, President, Franke Coffee Systems of Americas. “Our patented technology and leading innovations deliver the perfect cup of coffee every time.”

A800 Fresh Brew – Bean-to-Cup Solution

The award winning A800 Fresh Brew uses up to three different bean types and IQFlow™ technology to deliver hot or iced coffee drinks. With the touch of a button it brews on demand high-quality coffee, consistently and efficiently.

A1000 – Espresso based beverages

The A1000 offers espresso-based coffee beverages via a fully automated one step process. With two grinders, two powder hoppers, two milk types with hot and cold FoamMaster™ milk foam and IQFlow™ technology, the machine’s main feature is a prominent 10.4-inch user-friendly touchscreen with HD video and sound to guide users through the process of creating their customized beverage. The machine’s CleanMaster automatic cleaning system helps maintain the integrity of the equipment for long-lasting use.

At NACS, Franke Coffee Systems showcased cutting-edge technology that not only enhances the user experience, but also keeps maintenance of the machines to a minimum with IQFlow™, FoamMaster™ and CleanMaster.

IQFlow™ revolutionizes the traditional espresso concept with Intelligent Coffee Extraction that:

  • Offers consistent top quality coffee beverages in every cup, every day
  • Defines taste profiles and shot times for each product independently
  • Provides unmatched taste extraction and flavor variety
  • Does not require grinder adjustment
  • Delivers real-time assured taste profiles

FoamMaster™ guarantees perfect milk foam every single time with the ability to:

  • Provide unbeatable milk foam quality with consistency
  • Adjust foam thickness for artistic layers
  • Constantly meet high outputs and high demands with quality results
  • Create endless drink combinations with hot and cold milk foam or hot and cold milk
  • Offer two milk varieties and two parallel refrigeration circuits that are deal for different milk varieties

CleanMaster fully automatic cleaning system is included as a standard feature in the FoamMaster™ to ensure strict hygiene standards are met at all times while:

  • Providing simpler, quicker, fully automatic cleaning for exemplary HACCP hygiene with scientifically proven cleanliness
  • Offering a patented hygienic, practical milk container system for up to two milk varieties, with two parallel refrigeration circuits
  • Delivering an efficient cleaning process that is fully automatic with integrated cleaning cartridge for maximum convenience.

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