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Capture the attention of motorists to your closest service station

Utilizing retail visual identity elements

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Motorists on the go or stuck in traffic are often captured by visuals they come across. Brands tend to play to this instinct, and use visually appealing signs and graphics to market to them.

Fuel retailers especially find it opportunistic to market their closest service station to motorists. This is why on the driveways you will often come across retail visual identity (RVI) elements that can appeal to the customers or register in their minds, even from a distance.

Signage in the form of pylons, totems, uni-poles, monolith signs, and sky signs are ideal for ensuring brand visibility from a distance due to their height. Every service station tends to have at least one of these kinds of signs adjacent to their entrance. An alternate are advance ID signs, placed at a distance of about 500m, 1km or 5km from the station on the approach road.

Characteristically, all these signs are tall, free-standing columns that display the brand and help with its marketing.

The client’s branding requirement determines the kind of signs utilized. Broadly categorized on key features these signs are placed into two divisions – pylons, totems & monolith signs, and uni-pole & sky signs.

Pylons, totems & monolith signs are manufactured to maintain a height above 6 to 10 meters; and are produced to showcase the retailer’s products and services, including advertising spaces for tenants occupying the premises such as food and beverage retailers, banks, and more. In addition, these are also customized to display prices through price display units (PDUs).

Uni-poles and sky signs fall into the higher end of the spectrum, in regards to brand visibility from a distance, as these signs are typically at a height of 20 meters or more. They showcase the brand logo of the fuel retailer to ease identification.

Ideally illuminated, all these signs are produced as sturdy, solid, quality signs that can endure extreme external factors such as wind and seismic loads.

Joseph Advertisers, a Joseph Group company, has produced numerous variations of these signs for their clients in the Petroleum industry. Through sound engineering and design practices, the end product produced is ensured to be a translation of what was envisioned by the client. Take a look at the results – visit or keep up-to-date with their socials.

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