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ICASA launches its new website in the context of further international expansion

With the recent rebranding and the launch of the new corporate website, ICASA wants to highlight its technical know-how on an international level.

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The ICT sector is ever-evolving, and with the ICASA Energy Software Suite ICASA stays closely on track of these developments. As the market and the needs of the customers evolve, ICASA is constantly adjusting and enhancing its ICASA Energy Suite. Tomorrow’s Energy Management, Today with ICASA.

Repositioning of ICASA

‘As ICASA continues to develop and improve services and solutions, we clearly want to position ICASA and its software as the forward-thinking company it already is’, Rudi Bollen – CEO of ICASA – explains. ‘Our unique approach in dealing with customers, offering solutions and solving challenges is our trademark. The recent rebranding process gave us the opportunity to tell our story and clearly define our brand.’

Tomorrow’s Energy Management

‘There are two key things in life,’ Rudi Bollen continues. ‘Time and Energy. With our ICASA Energy Suite, we energize the world by enabling both. We provide solutions and services to those who need time and energy to reinvigorate the world. As a brand we create trust in everything that we do, we value our customers as partners throughout our journey, and focus on tomorrow’s energy management.’

Launch of new corporate website

In a first stage ICASA has launched advertisements and online banners in the rebranded style. This was followed by the restyling of the website to highlight its technical know-how and further professionalization on an international level. Not only is the new website more user friendly (both on desktop as on mobile devices) but it also reflects how the company and its solutions have evolved over the past years.


More info on ICASA and their products and services? Contact Katrijn Elias (Marketing Manager) at +32 11 85 80 80.

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