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How is your price communication?

Publisign works on revolutionary technology in price sign communications.

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Fuel prices at a gas station is a crucial and an often debated topic at the moment. Everybody wants updates of the latest developments on this high frequent fluctuating pricing market.

Customers are looking for the best opportunity and positions on the market. Real-time price indications are important for every brand.

The best tool to communicate prices and to make the brand catch one's eye are price signs. Price signs are the perfect way of communicating your pricing meanwhile giving more benefits than you even realize:

  • Which type of fuel you have at your station
  • Real-time prices
  • Visibility
  • Brand recognition
  • Long distance recognition
  • Extra information to communicate (second brands)
  • Reductions
  • Credit cards information

It also allows customers to create a healthy competition between distributors.


PUBLISIGN is an international competitor in visual communication. We build gas stations, produce canopies, price signs, canopy claddings and all accessories for different brands.

Price signs are one of our core businesses. We gained the title of distinguished manufactor by different multinationals. We serve on high level from small to big roll outs. The newest and latest technology is always implemented in our products.

From LED-lighting to the newest digital full screens or LED-displays at special request make it possible to offer displays in different colors and shapes.

Our control boxes are manufactured as a tool where you can connect with almost all different protocols and cash systems.

The intelligence of our system allows us to stay connected with our control box, so we can always check in on the lifetime, functions, and our dysfunction.

All signs are made with high quality control and safety tools, and are Belgium quality certified after manufacturing and waterproofing. Water damage to internal components doesn’t stand a chance against our way of manufacturing. This sustainability of the technology provides you a price sign with high warranty.

The installation is easy and simple to do with our installation manual, and if necessary our dispatching is always at your service for any help or questions.