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Fuel your success by specifying the right lighting partner

Can they spot you a mile away? SloanLED offers the industry's broadest mix of LED signage and architectural lighting solutions to capture customer attention with dazzling illumination that brightens your brand as well as your bottom line, and makes your beacon of fuel and food irresistible to potential customers.

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Complete solutions

SloanLED provides complete LED lighting solutions with the lowest cost of ownership, significant energy and maintenance savings, easy installation, and superior ROI. and with 60+ years of experience as a leader in the industry, our products are proven and backed by the best warranties in the business.

Quality and reliability

Our commitment to producing safe, reliable, lighting solutions that withstand the elements and harshest weather conditions, has kept us at the forefront of the lighting market. Other LED manufacturers use cheaper components and maximize the potential brightness of their products at the expense of longevity—overdriving the LEDs for instant gratification while sacrificing sustainability and endurance. SloanLED uses the highest caliber components in order to offer you a superior product with the longest lifespan.

Energy savings and efficiency

Our high-efficiency, long lasting solutions don't just brighten your brands; they represent significant energy cost reductions, maintenance cost savings, easy installation, faster ROI, and deliver exceptional performance with consistent brightness and uniformity.


One of the most essential facets of branding is, not surprisingly, uniformity, and although many may not realize it, the LED manufacturer you specify plays a crucial role in maintaining that uniformity and boosting brand recognition. Specifying an LED manufacturer ensures consistency in your signage, from location to location and gives installers precise instructions on which products to use, how many, and the best way to install them—keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

Tight binning tolerances

Binning is a method of sorting LED chips so that all the LEDs from one particular bin share a similar output and appearance. Many LED systems often demonstrate a temperature range variation of 1000 K, and extreme deviations like that can result in substantial differences in color. SloanLED maintains the tightest binning tolerances for chip color consistency so your brand is represented accurately every time.

Experience and expertise

There's more to light than just the opposite of dark, and that's where partnering with the right supplier becomes essential to your success. For example, the material used for a sign face may be the right color in the daytime but look completely different at night, depending on the LED product used to illuminate the sign and how well it works with the sign face material. It takes accurate color, tight binning tolerances, and the best level of illumination for each application to brighten your brand in every sense of the word. The lighting experts at SloanLED have the experience and training to ensure your brand is represented exactly the way you want it, every time.

Industry-leading warranties

SloanLED products are engineered to perform and last in sign applications around the world, with the warranty coverage to prove it. Quality manufacturing processes and rigorous product testing are the reason SloanLED products are built to last, so you can have confidence for the road ahead, knowing your investment in signage is well-protected.

Reliable power supplies

There's more to a sign installation than just the LED modules. Power supplies account for only 20% of the cost of an installation, and compromising on quality may save a few dollars, but puts the overall dependability and safety of the entire installation at risk. SloanLED offers a comprehensive line of 12 V and 24 V power supplies, engineered for excellent performance and reliability, and built to excel in even the most demanding environments and applications.

Global coverage

From Alaska to Australia, with 150+ employees and the best global coverage in the industry, no matter where you are, we've got you covered.

SloanLED delivers the best LEDs and support, superior technical assistance, and unparalleled customer assistance, which is why companies who mean business, choose SloanLED. For more information on our company and products, visit

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