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English Español Sweden: Gasum opens a gas filling station

Kristianstad’s gas filling station will be Gasum’s eighth station in Sweden.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Nordic energy company Gasum is opening a new filling station in Kristianstad. The new filling station is part of Gasum’s ambitious plan to build a network of 50 new gas filling stations for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) in the Nordics by early 2020s.

“With the opening of Kristianstad’s gas filling station, we are strengthening the gas filling station infrastructure in southern Sweden. Expanding the gas filling station network along the main highways in Sweden enables more Swedish logistics companies to lower emissions and switch to LNG and LBG,” explains Mikael Antonsson, Director, Traffic, Gasum Sweden. “It’s also great to see that awareness of low-emission fuel alternatives are increasing, thus becoming more popular among logistics companies.”

The news about Kristianstad’s gas filling station has increased the interest in gas in the Skåne region. Åhus-based Green L Equipment AB is aiming to get the company’s first gas truck as soon as possible.

In 2018, Gasum announced its plans to build a biogas plant at Stora Enso’s Nymölla pulp & paper mill. The plant, operated by Gasum, will turn the mill’s wastewater into renewable liquefied biogas (LBG). The produced biogas will be used in road traffic, marine and industry segments. The plant is expected to start operating during second half of 2020 and LBG made from the paper mill’s wastewater will also be available at Kristianstad’s filling station.

“The circular economy cooperation with Stora Enso’s pulp and paper mill in Nymölla is a great project and show how local side streams can be utilized efficiently in an industrial level production of renewable fuel. In addition, this will increase the capacity of Swedish biogas production,” says Erik Woode, Business development manager Industry & Public transport, Gasum.

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