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English Español Libya: Sharara, Tadawul activate first phase of e-payments

Sharara Oil Services’ petrol station owners will be able to pay by card for their fuel allowances from the supplier as of next week.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Sharara Oil Services company, one of the five main petrol station operators in Libya, announced that it has activated the first phase of debit or prepayment card for its petrol station owners by using Tadawul Technology’s Tajer Tadawul, one of the Libya’s leading electronic payments solutions provider.

As of next week, Sharara’s fuel station owners will be able to use the card to pay for their fuel allowances from the supplier Sharara, reports Libya Herald.

Preparations are also being made to launch the second phase of Sharara’s e-payments plan, which would allow consumers to pay for their fuel by card at point-of-sale (POS) machines in their sites.

Sharara and Tadawul signed a ‘‘strategic partnership agreement’’ last December to roll out electronic payment services at Sharara’s network of fuel stations.

Other stages of the project will be implemented in the coming months until Sharara’s sites deploy the "latest refuelling technology in the world and applied to stations all over the country," according to Tadawul.

The move by Sharara and Tadawul follows a wider digitalization and e-payments transformation in Libya ignited by the country’s cash crisis in the last four years.

Tadawul’s goal is to diversify payment acceptance solutions in Libya and to enhance joint cooperation between oil sector companies in the field of electronic payment technology.

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