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English Español Belgium: Allego to install 1,300 EV charging points in Flanders

The Flanders Region will roll out an extensive network of public charging points in more than 300 municipalities participating in the project.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Allego has been awarded a concession by network operator Fluvius to install 1,300 additional recharging points in Flanders in the coming years. Grid operator Fluvius wrote the tender for the installation of an electric vehicle charging service on behalf of the Flemish government.

This is the fourth and final charging station concession under the CPT (Clean Power for Transport) plan, which will provide Flanders with a basic infrastructure for the installation of a network of charging stations by the end of 2020. As part of this plan, 5,000 public charging points will be distributed throughout Flanders and 400 private charging points will be installed in homes.

Allego has also won the three previous charging point concessions from the Flemish government under the CPT plan and has already placed more than 3,000 public charging points. Allego is the largest supplier of public charging infrastructure in Belgium.

"An extensive network of charging stations covering the entire territory is a sine qua non for drivers to be able to switch to the electric car (…) While many neighbouring countries are currently stepping up their ambitions to develop both their charging infrastructure networks and the introduction of incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, Flanders and Brussels seem to be less active on this subject (…) We call on Flemish politicians to define as soon as possible a follow-up of the CPT programme with the main actors of the sector," commented Harold Langenberg, General Manager Benelux for Allego.

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