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English Español Carlos Relancio, new Director of Renewable Energy at Galp

He will implement the company's strategy, in terms of renewable energy, with the aim of giving it a greater role and weight in Galp's operations.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Fuel retailer and energy provider Galp has appointed Carlos Relancio as the new Director of Renewable Energy. The incorporation of Relancio is in line with the company’s new focus on projects that promote the transition to a less carbon-intensive energy model.

Carlos Relancio, has a degree in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Zaragoza. He began his professional career in the banking sector, as a financial advisor. Between 2004 and 2010 he was Vice President and General Manager of Silicio Solar, European leader in the manufacture of silicon wafers for the solar industry. By the end of 2014 he has joined Cox Energy, a 100% renewable energy generation and commercialization company.

"Galp wants to position itself as a key player in the renewable energy market at an international level," says Carlos Relancio. “This is a professional challenge that I take on with great enthusiasm and at a time of enormous transformation for Galp and for the energy sector.”

The company announced that around 40% of its average annual net investment (between 1 and 1.2 billion) will be used to develop renewable energy opportunities. These include increasing importance of natural gas in the production mix, as well as developing a competitive business of electricity generation from renewable sources.

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