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English Español Galp mulls project to promote hydrogen mobility in Portugal

Specific projects include hydrogen service-station and green hydrogen production for industry, mobility and grid injection.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Galp, the largest hydrogen producer and user in Portugal, has joined the Hydrogen Council (HC), an association of large companies and institutions worldwide that aims to promote the development of hydrogen as the most competitive solution for the decarbonisation of many sectors of the economy.

Membership of the HC occurred in an expansion wave of the organization that added 22 new members, bringing current membership to 81 partners. These include large players from the Energy, Transportation and Industrial sectors, as well as from Finance, who share a common view on the role of hydrogen for the energy transition.

Galp produces annually about 120,000 tons of hydrogen that is used in the production process of its refining system. It is also involved in the launch of the first hydrogen filling-station in Portugal, which is expected to open later this year to supply a bus fleet.

In the longer term, Galp is evaluating other large-scale projects, including partnerships related to the production of green hydrogen from renewable energy and its association with decarbonisation of industrial processes and mobility, or for injection into natural gas networks.

These projects are covered by Galp's strategic objective of allocating around 40% of its net annual investment to opportunities related to the energy transition and to projects that contribute to the overall reduction of CO2 emissions.

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