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English Español Moroccan retailer Petrom enters Spain

The Moroccan gas station brand has set up in Madrid the first branch of the company outside Morocco.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Fuel retailer Petrom, which operates a network of 250 service stations throughout Morocco, has registered its first foreign company branch in Spain under the name Petrole du Maghreb SA Sucursal España, reports El Confidencial.

Petrom has stated its intention to "import, export, purchase, distillation, refining, manufacture and business of all hydrocarbons," as stated in the Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry of Spain.

Petrom is dedicated to the trade of fuels, lubricants and the import and distribution of chemical products. The company also manages food stops at its service stations, and operates the French network of Point S. car repair and maintenance centres. Eléphant Bleu, the European leader in car washes, signed an exclusive contract with Petrom in Morocco.

Petrom is the most important subsidiary of the Holsatek Group, managed by the Bouaida family, a business holding company active in six key sectors of the Moroccan economy.