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Secu-Tech: Providing safe and efficient fuel distribution in Nordics and Baltics

Security & Electronic Technologies GmbH (SECU-TECH) is a global supplier for systems and solutions for safe and efficient fuel distribution focusing on electronic Overfill Prevention Systems, Cross-Fill-Prevention Systems, SPD and E-Sealing (Theft Control) Systems, Dead-Man-Systems, Data Management Solutions including Tacking, Mapping, Geo-Fencing, Alarm-Mailing, etc.

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Especially Northern European Countries are well known for being ahead in environmental thinking and focus on comprehensive and sophisticated, as well as technically high quality solutions.

That is the reason why since a lot of years, Mineraloil-Companies in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland the Baltics as well as in Poland following European Standards for Overfill Prevention Systems according to EN13616 and Cross-Fill-Prevention Systems according to EN14116 and have already implemented these solutions in their loading terminals, tanker-trucks and fuel stations.

They are already taking profit of having control over their complete logistic chain and - together with their outsourced fleets from the hauliers - protecting their workflow against overspills and cross-fills, saving a lot of money and time as well as protecting the environment and their own brand reputation.

Mineraloil-Companies which are already successfully using SECU MultiTank PIDs as well as SECU O2-PIDs and SECU SinglePIDs in their Fuel Stations and Loading Depots, as well as SECU MultiTank and the LRC-OP4 Overfill Prevention in the Tanker-Trucks of their Hauliers in all Nordic and Baltic Countries are for example: NESTE Oil, QStar, Circle K using the system alltogether in around 2000 fuel stations since many years and around 250 Tanker-Trucks as well as in all their loading facilities.

At the loading Terminal SECU MultiPIDs with direct connection to the TAS are offered where PIDs can be reprogrammed on the fly in case of loading arms where different products are delivered – for protection against contamination into the compartment of the tanker-truck.

At the petrol-station there can be chosen between (re)programmable SECU SinglePIDs, SECU MultiPIDs for 3,6 or 12 channels or the SECU O2-PID which is an electronic overfill prevention with a cross-fill-prevention in 1 system which offers a lot of equipment- and installation-cost savings on petrol-stations as well as on tanker-trucks. The O2-PID product informations go, like the normal PID-informations, through the conductive product hose, so no cable connection between tanker-truck and petrol-station for overfill-prevention is required. This makes unloadings a lot more safer, efficient and quicker compared with common electronic overfill-preventions.

At the tanker-truck SECU-TECH offers the control-equipment for Overfill- and Cross-Fill-Prevention, SECU MultiTank, as well as SPD/E-Sealing systems (theft control) with Data Management and Event Logging and Management, Alarmmails, Geo-Fencing.

The different systems on petrol-stations, tanker-trucks, loading terminals can be adapted to customer and local requirements.


As mentioned above, the SECU O2-PID is a technology from SECU-TECH which is already well-accepted by a lot of mineraloil companies. The saving is clear on equipment and installation side. The handling of unloading the tanker-truck to the petrol-station is much easier and quicker as before.

The SECU O2-PID enables to bring the overfill-information as well as the cross-fill-information via the conductive hose to the tanker-truck electronic. Error-prone cablings for overfill-prevention are not needed anymore.


The control of the product during transport, to be sure, that the exact amount what has being loaded at the depot arrives at the fuel station, becomes more and more important. Within the E-Sealing all possible outlets and openings on the tanker-truck are sealed with electronic sensors against unauthorized accesses. All events are stored in a log-file as well as immediate warnings which are registered and sent, if failures or unauthorized intervention from outside into the logistic operation are recognized.

A comprehensive data-management can show all data of each tanker-truck in real-time and location. Going back to the history of each tanker-truck is possible as well as filtering of events.

The saved events can be received by the mineral-oil-company or hauliers via a special web-interface.

Tanker-trucks can be tracked in real-time and location.

As the amount of data which have to be progressed is huge a graphical displaying is very important for our customers. SECU-TECH offers in it’s tracking solutions for tanker-trucks very good understandable graphical report variants, which enables easy tracking. These data can either be available at our customer’s servers or at SECU-TECH servers, as per customer specifications.

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Dagmar Hoeckner-Schallmeiner, Managing Director.


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