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DOMS and LIGO: The integrated fuel station management solution that grows with your business

Things change over time, so it’s wise to choose a flexible fuel station management solution that can keep up with your evolving business.

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Everything changes, and not always in the way we expect. Consider predictions about the “future” from 50, 30, or even 20 years ago; while video calls have become commonplace, personal jetpacks have not (yet).

The world of retail petroleum stations is no different. The market, the region, and the technology are continually evolving, and service station owners don’t always know what’s going to come next, even within their own business. This makes it vital to find a long-lasting, flexible solution like Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s DOMS and LIGO, which can adapt to your changing needs.

Growing with your fuel station network

Imagine a straightforward fuel station with just a few pumps. DOMS market-leading Forecourt Controller allows you to open and close your fuel dispensers, record transactions and update the price pole, while also controlling non-fuel forecourt offerings like a carwash. You may have an Automated Tank Gauge with which you can check fuel levels and manage your fuel inventory.

Seamlessly expanding your forecourt

As you expand, you can move smoothly with DOMS to a more sophisticated setup without having to switch to a new fuel management system. DOMS enables you to sell additional items on the forecourt, like windshield washing fluid or lubricant. It supports a fully connected forecourt as you gradually expand your customer offerings and revenue sources.

For stations like this, with additional items on the forecourt that need a light POS, LIGO is a superior solution. LIGO can be accessed through any web-enabled device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. You don’t need any additional hardware to connect LIGO, which brings back office management capabilities like tracking inventory, handling orders, attendant shifts, and multiple payment methods. The ATG can be viewed in real time in a single interface on LIGO, to keep better tabs on fuel inventory and ensure continuity.

LIGO has the added benefit of offering Local Account Management, allowing a retail station to offer service to vehicle fleets, such as line of credit so fleet drivers can simply refuel once they have identified themselves with the relevant authorization method, without having to pay on the spot.

Including the mobile management solution MiSite to the mix means that you can carry out all these activities remotely, from your home, the gym, or the beach. In addition, MiSite proactively alerts about issues such as low fuel or other forecourt concerns, so the station will run smoothly.

Grow to a network of stations

As things continue to expand, adding a Retail Head Office to the DOMS + LIGO implementation gives full management across a network of fuel stations from a central location. From the head office, retail managers can add new products, manage inventory, reconcile cashflow with products sold, and track employee shifts. In this way, your DOMS and LIGO implementation grows with you, and maintains consistency throughout your network.

The leading FCC worldwide

DOMS is the FCC of choice in regions across the world. Tens of thousands of fuel stations use DOMS, and many of them have upgraded by integrating it with LIGO.

One major African oil company uses DOMS and LIGO to keep step with their expansion across 5 countries already, with 5 more countries about to be onboarded. Their fuel network is highly varied, including:

  • Fuel-only stations
  • Fuel stations selling lubricants and similar products on the isle
  • Fuel stations with a convenience store
  • Advanced fuel stations with a convenience store and multiple POS’s

With DOMS and LIGO’s holistic system with the Retail Head Office, all solutions from Gilbarco Veeder-Root, they can seamlessly manage the entire network from a single location, without losing control.

The benefits of implementing DOMS and LIGO

The integrated DOMS and LIGO solution brings a number of benefits for fuel station owners and managers:

  • Full visibility. Monitor levels of dry and wet stock (with integration with ATG), fuel attendant activity, and cash in hand transactions, all in real time.
  • Business performance. Process delivery and sales reconciliation, cash reconciliation, and site and attendant reports in a single click.
  • Operation performance. Reduce downtime by predicting when the tank will need refilling, optimize inventory, and update prices with ease.
  • Planning. Stay ahead of the game with delivery planning, shift planning, predictive maintenance, and process enforcement.
  • Employee management. Reward attendants based on sales volume or value.
  • Scalability. Scale the DOMS and LIGO solution up as your business grows. Integrate it smoothly with one of Gilbarco’s Passport POS offerings, Retail Head Office, loyalty management programs, CMS, and more.
  • Modular. The robust interface enables an extremely long lifecycle, crucial in a business that typically keeps new purchases for over 15 years. You can add physical interfaces and protocols as the need arises, making your investment last for a long time.

DOMS and LIGO are easy to use in every situation. It takes just a day to master the intuitive interface, which is available in multiple languages and can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet, or a physical cash register. The system can produce 17 different built-in reports plus unlimited customizable reports. One important report reconciles between actual sales and cash received, reducing fraud.

DOMS & LIGO power the growing fuel station network

Every fuel station task can be managed with ease using DOMS and LIGO, making it the ideal solution for changing markets, expanding fuel station networks, and dedicated fuel company owners who want to grow their business.

It’s the integrated solution that can cope with a mixed ecosystem of standalone fuel stations, fuel station networks, and fuel stations with expanded c-stores, all from a single central point and with remote management capabilities.

DOMS and LIGO are currently sold in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. For more information please contact your Gilbarco Veeder-Root representative.

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