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English Español USA: Sound Payments to expand EMV at the pump nationwide

Sound Payments opened an office in St. Petersburg, Florida, that will support sales and operations for Petro Solutions, bringing EMV to gas pumps nationwide with EMV Easy Pump.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Sound Payments, a multi-channel technology company, will support sales and operations for Petro Solutions in St. Petersburg, Florida, to bring EMV to gas pumps and to tackle fraud at gas stations nationwide with its solution EMV Easy Pump.

EMV Easy Pump enables EMV at the pump with a retrofit kit, eliminating the need to purchase new pumps and close stations for several weeks for installation. The direct-to-processor transaction connection uses point-to-point encryption.

“We are proud to expand into the beautiful St. Petersburg area and build our petroleum team to help stations cost-effectively upgrade their pumps before the EMV mandate deadline in October,” said Andrew Russell, president of Sound Payments. “We chose this location because of the talent and expertise, exceptional quality of life and the business climate, which will be helpful as we grow by 50 percent in 2020 and create more than 20 jobs.”

“There are a number of ways we will contribute to economic development, including providing stations across the country with a cost-effective solution to support EMV and preventing fraud while also investing in the local St. Petersburg community,” said Bill Pittman, senior vice president of Petro Solutions.

Sound Payments is a multi-channel, diversified technology company headquarted in Jacksonville, Florida, that creates simplified, innovative solutions in the payments, petroleum and financial services industries. Petro Solutions provides technology solutions for the petroleum and c-stores industry, including EMV Easy Pump, Sound Vault and Sound POS.

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