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Fuelmatics automatic drive-thru fueling

In today’s modern world, marked by technological advancements, it is rather strange that we still have to fill up our cars manually. In particular since most fuels emit vapours which are extremely unhealthy for us. The fueling process today is slow, dull and dirty – an unwanted must. The process has been the same for over 100 years, despite vast technological advancements in many (ALL) other areas. At the same time, automation has become a new standard. In the fifties the automatic car wash was introduced, in the eighties the ATMs and thereafter robotic lawn mowers, robotic vacuum cleaners and thousands of apps, which automates and simplifies our daily lives. Once new and improved technologies have been introduced, no one wants to go back – who wants to spend time on chores if they can avoid it? Something new is needed to disrupt the fueling market.

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Fuelmatics automatic drive-thru fueling
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Today there are over 1.2 billion cars in the world and this number is expected to grow to 2 billion in 10 years. With over 50 billion fuelings made per year, this number will almost be doubled in the same timeframe - creating an increased demand on fueling infrastructure.

Fuelmatics offers an enhanced, automated, fueling process. It is faster, cleaner, eco-friendlier and more appealing for the drivers. There is no need to step out of the car if you do not wish to (or if you have difficulties doing so), you do not have to handle the dirty nozzle or get exposed to any toxic vapours. With Fuelmatics’ drive-thru system, the fueling is made in closed loop – without any spill and with complete vapour-recovery.

The Fuelmatics FM5000 series is the latest in automatic fueling technology. The fueling process is initiated by an app and the driver can remain in their seat, monitoring the fueling process step by step directly in the phone. Once filling is completed you will get the green light, letting you know that you can leave the fuel station directly or move to the parking if you want to go inside for shopping. Even the payment is handled by the app and the receipt is sent to the user.

Fuelmatics offers a unique business opportunity on a market with few parameters for winning shares. It is a modern version of FULL SERVICE which will attract most drivers because it is easier, faster and nicer. “Who will go to a manual operation once you have discovered the updated alternative?” Fuelmatics is a marketing tool which should be used to enhance the retailers’ competitiveness. Consumers always choose the best supplier if there is a choice.

Old fashion manual full service has proven that there are drivers who are ready to pay more if they do not have to fill up by them self. Premium service is a well-accepted concept today, used by many. By just adding a few cents to fuel prices, the retailer can increase his revenue a lot.

This is a game changer for the fuel retailers. Automatic fueling increases the throughput and can serve more customers per hour. It attracts new customers and increases the sales as well as retailers’ competitiveness. The customer information displays can be used as advertising space. Further, it also offers savings for the fuel retailer. Since the system is completely cloud-based, no site controller or card terminals are ever needed. The canopies can even be built smaller – creating a more efficient infrastructure.

Fuelmatics’ system has been designed to enable quick deployment into existing retail station networks. The system is easy to implement, independent of existing pump equipment.

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