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Aboveground stations provide key benefits for Norwegian market

Malte has built a number of automated petrol stations with of aboveground tanks that allow Certas Energy Norway to reach new customers, continue to expand their network, and offer best-in-class services.

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Certas Energy Norway, owned by Irish energy company DCC, saw its competitors opening aboveground petrol stations over the last three years. With the cost of building a service station with underground storage tanks increasing by the day, electric vehicles hitting the volume of liquid fuel sales, and margins getting slimmer, Certas Energy was in search of a cost-effective solution to build new sites.

While looking for a supplier of aboveground stations Certas Energy found the ideal partner in Malte Fuel & Wash AB, a leading provider of solutions for fuel and vehicle washing with offices in Norway and Sweden. The two companies worked on cost-effective solutions that would allow Certas Energy to reach new customers in difficult areas.

Certas Energy now has three aboveground stations with two more in the pipeline, all provided by Malte. Although still in a pilot phase, results so far have been encouraging and the retailer will continue to look for interesting locations for minitank solutions.

All sites have the highest standards with double-wall tanks, ATGs, leak detection as well as vapour recovery systems I and II. A number of safety systems have been added to the regular standards of the industry. Distributors have a direct connection to the ATG to monitor fuel levels and ensure an efficient supply.

Looking for a traditional look

Malte has now built the biggest aboveground station in Certas Energy’s network – a 14.7-metre-long platform with a canopy and a capacity for 57.000 litres of fuel and 4.000 litres of AdBlue. Certas Energy requested the installation of a canopy to give the location a similar look & feel to a standard service station. The extended canopy is a quality marketing element to attract the customer's attention and make them feel like they are visiting a regular site. This way the customer doesn't mistake the station with an industrial fuelling point.

A fundamental advantage of the minitank solution, says Jan Erik Korgerud, Engineering Manager at Certas Energy Norway, is the possibility of moving the unit. “If you do not reach the expected sales it is relatively easy to move the entire unit to another location without a high cost. On the other hand, once you build a permanent site it is very difficult to move the station somewhere else.”

Currently, the automated sites accept chip bank cards but plans are in place to extend the service to contactless this year. By 2021, they will include the most modern payment solutions. 

Under the strongest regulations, Malte has now installed some 25 aboveground stations in Norway and over 60 in Sweden in the last two years. Unlike the competition, the compact product can include AdBlue tanks in the construction. 

“We build the product as the customer wants it. We listen carefully to their demands and act upon them to provide the ideal solution,” says Tomas Lilja, COO at Malte Fuel & Wash.

Certas Energy was looking for a way to open a minor station in a cost-effective way. Mr. Korgerud agrees that it was Malte’s flexibility as a supplier that allowed them to create the solution they wanted – an attractive site with the highest safety features and that is easy to operate.

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