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English Español USA: Over 8,000 7-Eleven stores to offer Mastercard cash pick-up

Mastercard Cash Pick-Up delivers real-time cash access to banked and un-banked consumers at ATMs without the use of a debit or credit card.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

FCTI and Pin4 announced the availability of Mastercard Cash Pick-Up to FCTI ATMs in over 8,000 7-Eleven stores. Mastercard Cash Pick-Up is the first service in the US that delivers real-time cash access to both banked and un-banked consumers at enabled ATMs without the use of a debit or credit card.

"FCTI is always on the lookout for opportunities that will boost convenience for our ATM users and increase exposure for our valued retail partners," said Robel Gugsa, CEO for FCTI. "The Mastercard Cash Pick-Up program meets both of those needs. We are happy to add it to our portfolio of ATM solutions."

"We are thrilled to have FCTI as our network partner to continue the expansion of the Mastercard Cash Pick-Up solution," said Richard Witkowski, CEO for Pin4. "By enabling over 8,000 retail locations, we will have a strong network of ATMs able to offer mobile cash access. This expansion of our network gives our mobile cash recipients convenient and easy connection to their funds."

"The cash disbursements market is an incredibly competitive marketplace," said Paul Dwyer, CEO for Viamericas, a leader in the P2P money remittance business. "Mastercard Cash Pick-Up provides a value-added service, supports our un/underbanked customers, and is a game-changer in the money remittance marketplace. This expansion of the service throughout the US will provide a much-needed access point for P2P payments nationwide."

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