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English Español Australia: AACS calls out police inaction as crime wave spirals

Convenience store association demands more action from police to tackle growing number of fuel theft cases in Australia.

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Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) has labelled the police’s treatment of the small business owner as “unnecessarily disrespectful and disgracefully lazy.”

The AACS has also called it disappointing that calls to responsible state ministers to discuss these issues, for a true understanding of the extent and expectations of business owners, are ignored.

AACS has seen correspondence from a service station operator in Victoria which presents a distressing picture of the current state of crime against convenience stores.

It highlights the indifferent approach of some police in responding to crime, says AACS CEO Jeff Rogut.

“AACS has represented the convenience industry for 30 years and the sheer volume and aggressive nature of crimes against stores has never been greater. In Victoria specifically, it’s inexcusable that our repeated representations to ministers on the issue of crime are ignored,” Rogut said.

“Petrol drive-offs are thefts. They demand further investigation, especially given the prevalence of these crimes being committed by people often in unregistered vehicles and with stolen plates, or just engaging in blatant criminal action.”

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