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English Español UK: BP launches initiatives during coronavirus crisis

The company is working to offer free fuel for UK emergency services vehicle, and free delivery of food and convenience purchases.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

BP is working with its partners and suppliers to use its UK fuels business and network of retail sites to provide support to essential services, older members of society and all people staying at home in the UK during the current coronavirus pandemic.

BP has already identified two initiatives in the UK, both of which are expected to be in place until at least the end of April.

Firstly, BP will supply free fuel to the UK’s emergency services vehicles during the current crisis. Through BP’s own fuel cards and an arrangement with fuel card provider Allstar – whose cards are also used widely throughout the UK’s emergency services – ambulance, fire and police service vehicles will be able to fill up without being charged for the cost of fuel at BP’s network of 1,200 retail sites nationally. This includes both BP-operated and dealer-operated sites and will include charging of electric vehicles through BP Chargemaster. This initiative is expected to be in place from 21 March.

Secondly, from 23 March BP will offer delivery of food and convenience goods purchased from its network of company-owned convenience stores without delivery charge. Building on its existing relationship, BP is in the process of expanding the number of its retail sitesfrom which Deliveroo deliveries can be ordered and is working to arrange for delivery charges to be waived. Deliveries of both M&S products and other convenience goods in stock will be able to be arranged and no premium will be charged on delivered items.

“This crisis is affecting every part of society and all us of are trying to do what we can to help. It is vital that we support those on whom we all depend, as well as the most vulnerable in our communities. We have identified two ways where we can use our resources and presence around the country to make a small contribution. We will continue to look for other opportunities, taking advice from the authorities, as the country’s response continues to evolve,” said chief executive officer, Bernard Looney.

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Paredes Socar

In Switzerland public toilets in City gas station are still open!! Forcing personal without any protective clothes to go and fill them up and clean them 4/5 times a day!!! With the same clothes they are going to be near their colleagues and producing food!!! Risking getting infected infecting the colleagues families and customers!!! I understand in highways should be created some kind of system!!!! But in the city makes no sense to me the risk of keeping them open!!!