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English Español France: New GNLC station opens in Indre-et-Loire

The opening of GNVERT’s new station in Tours Métropole Val de Loire is part of a plan to modernize the company’s retail network in France.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

GNVERT, a subsidiary of the ENGIE group, has launched the newest GNLC station in France, reports Gas – Mobilité.fr. Located in the ISOPARC Business Park of the town of Sorigny, the new site offers both CNG and LNG.

The GNVERT Sorigny station is accessible 24 hours a day to all types of vehicles running on natural gas. For the moment accessible only via the operator's badge, it will be equipped in the coming weeks with a CB terminal for the general public.

As a historic operator in France, GNVERT recently announced the closure of some of its oldest stations as the company is working on modernizing its retail network in France. "These infrastructures are no longer in line with current standards and needs" justifies the operator, which will be dismantling them in the coming weeks.

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