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English Español Argentina: CNG sales fall by 90% following coronavirus mitigation measures

The Chamber of CNG Dispensers (CeGNC) says that refuelling has dropped by 90% since the implementation of mitigation measures against COVID19.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

The sale of compressed natural gas (CNG) in Argentina has fallen by 90% since the Government implemented on April 20 the mandatory preventive social isolation mesures against the spread of coronavirus, according to latest data from the Chamber of CNG Dispensers (CeGNC).

The biggest fall in sales would be taking place in the Federal Capital and Buenos Aires Province, although the state of sites in inland areas is also critical, said to the Vice President of CeGNC, Pedro Gonzalez.

The refueling stations would be opting to purchase fuel from marketers, not distributors, as the profit margin is higher. "They are offering a lower regulated price, so there is little economic risk," according to Gonzalez.

Many retailers in inland areas, mainly in the Norte and Cuyo regions, would still opt to contract the service with the distributors, who offer a regulated price, following the advise of local chambers.

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