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ASIS on COVID-19: "We are still rolling strongly"

Key figures of the ASIS Team comment on the current situation and give their thoughts on the company's situation.

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Yusuf Kaya, General Manager of ASIS, “We are still rolling strongly. We did not want this virus situation to affect us, therefore we took all necessary precautions from the beginning. On the other hand, all of our departments are working as usual. We took some time to re-evaluate our ongoing projects and how to better achieve them more efficiently. Also reprioritize our R&D projects. As you already know we are using big chunks of our income to support our R&D projects and we will continue to do so.  Good news is that hopefully we will have a new product coming before the end of this year. I really believe that it will be another signature product of ASIS...”

Artun Tanriyasukur, Marketing Director of ASIS, “We are devoloping a new website which will be on air very soon. Our new website will really show our company’s character and all of our products in right order. We finally took some time to finish our site in a way it supposed to be. Our vision and our company’s capability will be more clear through our website now. We have good and exciting projects locally and internationally. Hopefully right after this virus situation cleared, we will continue to do the best we can…”

Burak Kalkan, International Sales Manager, “Most importantly, we are still supporting our business partners and our clients in a way that we always do. We have upcoming exciting projects we are preparing as of now and we are ready to make a sound in global arena. We are already a good and well-known brand in Turkey but we would like to extend our global presence too. Thanks to our management and especially R&D organization. I believe we will see exciting developments in this industry and will be happy to be part of it…”

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