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Improve the user experience with MAGPay 43 for your payments!

MADIC Italia launches the MAGPay 43, an all-in-one PCI 5.x device for indoor & outdoor where unattended payment is the rule.

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The innovation of the MAGPay 43 focuses on a new architecture based on the Core MC-1 (Madic Core One) chip. Ultra-powerful, this very new technology allows a maximum security while the flexibility of adaptation to respond to the different businesses without jeopardizing its certifications.

Compact and ruggedized, the MAGPay 43 fits into vending machines, ticketing, parking terminals and EV chargers. Thus, a retailer can use MAGPay 43 for its different activities with a long-life component and without being OS-dependent.

The MAGPay 43 is the first terminal of the new range by MADIC Italia. It is equipped with a hi-bright 4.3'' touch screen that allows PIN on Glass associated with an integrated contactless reader as well as a smart card and magnetic stripe reader.

It is the perfect companion for self-service where very low power consumption is required.

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