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English Español Tanknology, Fuels Institute team for nationwide fuel study

The study will look at diesel samples from nozzles and tanks across the United States.

Last update:

Tanknology Inc. has announced a partnership with the Diesel Fuel Quality Council, part of the Virginia-based Fuels Institute, to collect diesel samples as part of a nationwide fuel quality study.

In 2016, Tanknology worked with Battelle, under the direction of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to collect fuel samples for a study on Severe Corrosion of Metal Components in Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) Storing Diesel Fuel.

Tanknology’s scope of work for the Fuel Quality study is a customized process that utilizes their existing technician base to extract fuel samples. Tanknology technicians will use ASTM procedures to collect the samples from nearly 200 geographically diverse fuelling sites.

Nozzle samples will be tested for non-microbial physical and chemical properties and tank samples will be tested for microbial contamination and water. In-tank samples will be drawn from the tank bottom and the middle of the tank.

The study has two goals: first, to understand the quality of diesel fuel coming out of the nozzle by evaluating fuel properties that affect engine operations; and second, to understand the quality of fuel sitting in storage tanks by evaluating properties that contribute to corrosion and product contamination. Sample collection will begin in April and continue throughout May.

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