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Franklin Fueling Fystems launches new Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump

Franklin Fueling Systems has announced the release of its new and innovative Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump offering. Designed to provide maximum protection from water intrusion with a simplified installation process, the Watertight Fiberglass Tank Sump delivers easy access to tank top equipment for fast maintenance and servicing.

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The sump’s game-changing lid design includes several innovative features that prevent liquid intrusion. These features include a side sealing gasket, integrated lid vent, and three lid latches which provide a visual indication that the lid is appropriately seated and remains in place.

“New EPA inspection regulations prompted us to talk to our customers about their biggest challenges regarding service and maintenance,” said Senior Product Manager, Allan Busch. “Keeping containment sumps dry was at the top of their list. Our innovative new lid was designed with key features specifically chosen to eliminate liquid intrusion.”

Another new addition to Franklin’s tank sump design is a pour-in-place channel that makes connecting the sump riser to the octagonal base quick and easy for installers with no messy, time-consuming fiberglass seam work to do.

“There’s something for everyone with this new tank sump design,” continued Allan Busch. “Distributors get simplified ordering and stocking with only having two models to order; either a 42” or 48” diameter sump that can be field height adjusted anywhere from 60” down to 34”. Installers will love the simplified installation, and maintenance personnel will benefit from the lightweight lid design that helps them verify a watertight seal that locks liquid out.”

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