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English Español Czech Republic: Innogy Energo to test BioCNG at 63 sites

Drivers of CNG cars will have the opportunity to refuel BioCNG for the first time in the country.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Innogy Energo s.r.o., currently the largest public network of CNG stations in the Czech Republic, has announced its plan to test 100% renewable gas in its 63 CNG filling stations located throughout the country by the end of June.

Innogy obtains the bioCNG from the Rapotín Energy Recycling Center (ECR), which belongs to the Energy financial group holding.

“Biomethane is a full-fledged alternative to electromobility, but at significantly lower input costs. It is as renewable as electricity produced from the sun or wind and does not require any additional engine modifications. Its great advantage is the seamless injection into the gas infrastructure as well as into CNG vehicles,” said Zdeněk Kaplan, CEO of Innogy Energo.

“Biomethane is one of the fuels of the future. Compared to other conventional biofuels, it has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and the lowest life cycle energy consumption, especially if it is produced from biodegradable waste,” Kaplan added.

ECR Rapotín produces biomethane in the Šumpersk region. Its transformation process is certificated by the International Biomass and Biofuels Certification System (ISCC EU). Once injected into the distribution system, biomethane can be consumed anywhere and both for energy equipment and transport.

“The possibility of storing biomethane in the distribution system and consumption at any connected point is its great advantage. This is also why it is perceived as part of solving many problems at once, whether it is the energy recovery of waste, reducing air emissions in transport or reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the energy mix of fuels,” says Martin Vrtiška, sales director of the Energy financial group.

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