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English Español Netherlands: PitPoint.LNG opens revamped LNG station in Zwolle

The oldest public LNG station in the Netherlands has now been transformed into the country’s newest.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

PitPoint.LNG reopened its renovated LNG station in Zwolle, The Netherlands. The station features the latest innovations and has four times more LNG storage capacity than before in order to meet the increasing demand for LNG.

The LNG station in Zwolle is the only one of its kind in the province Overijssel and is therefore considered to be an important station by an increasing number of carriers.

The new station will operate 24/7, has two LNG pumps and three staging areas for trucks that run on LNG. PitPoint.LNG has incorporated its latest innovations into this renewed LNG station: extra-cold LNG specifically for Volvo trucks and digital pump display with fuelling instructions. The new LNG pumps are located underneath a canopy to protect drivers from the elements while they refuel. To serve as many carriers as possible, multiple LNG fuel cards are accepted, such as EuroTrafic (Total), AS24, DCB Energy, DKV and Romac.

“We are very glad that we were able to make this station operational on schedule – despite the coronavirus crisis. Our customers made a major contribution to the end-result by testing the station together with us for further optimisation. We are very pleased to have such loyal and enthusiastic customers, for whom we wish to express our appreciation,” commented Sales & Business Development Manager at PitPoint.LNG, Joost de Ruijter.

PitPoint.LNG B.V. is a joint venture between Total Gas Mobility B.V. and SHV Energy B.V. which focuses on the realisation and operation of LNG infrastructure for the automotive and maritime sectors. PitPoint currently has four LNG stations for heavy road transport in the Netherlands (in Zwolle, Den Hoorn, Roosendaal and Venlo) and one in Belgium, in Rekkem. In addition, PitPoint.LNG is working to develop new LNG refuelling stations for both trucks and ships in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

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