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Stay safe with SIQMA solutions

After several weeks of "lockdown“, our lives continue to be strongly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and require daily rethinking. As we are seeing the gradual easing of conditions, we can look positively into the future. Regulations still remain in place – amongst the most important ones are social distancing as well as keeping up hygiene measures. At Scheidt & Bachmann we endeavour to protect petrol station operators as well as their customers as best as we can. We have introduced several solutions that support working remotely or innovate payment processes. All of our systems support contactless payments as well as offering remote support in case of any issues.

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SIQMA Access

During the last weeks, working at home has become common for many office tasks to support social distancing. In order to enable petrol station operators to work at home, we have introduced SIQMA Access – our secure entrance portal to remotely control all connected petrol stations, e.g. from home office. Using SIQMA Access enables petrol station operators to go about their daily business routines with as much flexibility as possible. Daily tasks like management of goods, settlements, article or promotion management are only a key stroke away no matter where you are – all you need is an internet connection. The secure 2-factor authentication allows easy access to all your petrol station back offices from wherever you are.

SIQMA Fuel & Go

Our SIQMA Fuel & Go solution helps to protect your customers by keeping personal contact and interaction to a minimum. By offering mobile payment at the pump, petrol station operators can contribute to public safety. The entire refuelling process, including payment, is controlled directly via the customers’ smartphone using an app. This combined with providing disposable gloves at the pump means you can achieve maximum protection against COVID-19 during the fuelling process.

The solution is out in the field at more than 2,000 sites in Germany already and is planned to be rolled out in Switzerland in the course of the year.

SIQMA Smoove

Standing in line and waiting for your turn is something we try to speed up with SIQMA Smoove. SIQMA Smoove is available for customers who want to avoid queues at the checkout. As a simple self-service option for customers, SIQMA Smoove is ready to allow payment of fuel or purchase of a car wash. In addition to the payment process, many other applications can be considered Such as registering for loyalty programs or displaying promotion campaigns. SIQMA Smoove supports all common payment methods including fuel company specific fleet cards.

In addition to SIQMA Smoove, we offer SIQMA Mira, our new all-in-one POS device. SIQMA Mira can be used either as a regular checkout SIQMA POS, as an intelligent interactive customer display, or, combined with SIQMA Smoove, as a desktop self-checkout. For example, during peak periods, using SIQMA Mira as a second checkout creates a self-checkout terminal in no time at all to quickly reduce queues. SIQMA Smoove and SIQMA Mira complement each other perfectly where used together in a fuel station. Pressure is taken off the staff, waiting times are reduced and customer loyalty is increased.

As with all SIQMA products, our customer’s individual requirements are a key part of the integration, creating a unique difference from your competitors so you can achieve high customer retention.

Our roadmap to deliver cloud and browser based solutions is a prerequisite for all our products to improve the customer journey.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you sell fuel in the safest way possible.

If you are interested in any products in our range, do not hesitate to get in touch with your Scheidt & Bachmann sales representative.

We are pleased to be at your service, stay healthy.

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